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I have chaired the ERC Advanced Grants Panel SH4-B (« The Human Mind and its Complexity ») for six years. This remarkable experience has given my colleagues and me an invaluable opportunity to be in touch with top-level European science. Working with ERC has also enabled me to interact with highly professional and dedicated people and appreciate the spirit and excellent logistics of a European organization.










Covent Garden, the building that hosts ERC in Brussels.










The mission of the ERC.










ERC at Covent Garden: A challenge for scientists interested in wayfinding!










June 2013: Last panel meeting!

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Brussels’ time?










Greetings to two most dedicated panel members!

Mireille Besson and Elisabeth Pacherie (2011).










Profile of a scientific officer dedicated to the service

of European science. Greetings to Pascal Dissard!










A friendly salute to Ekkehard König, faithful companion

on many evaluation committees for ERC, ANR, IUF…


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