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Building 508, Room 08…


… and Room 10: Maryvonne Carfantan,

always ready to help Human Cognition!










The Human Cognition team joined LIMSI-CNRS in 1992 largely because of the resolute support

of Joseph Mariani, at that time director of the laboratory. Joseph is now director of

the Institute for Multilingual and Multimedia Information (IMMI). This research unit

is a joint operation of the CNRS, RWTH and Karlsruhe University.










A toast to the future of computers and cognitive science, at the site

of the new LIMSI building dedicated to Virtual Reality (2006).

From left to right: MD, Benoît Habert, Patrick Le Quéré, and Joseph Mariani.













Patrick Le Quéré (right) was the indefatigable director of LIMSI from 2001 through 2013.

He was appointed to his new post as deputy director in charge of research at Ecole Polytechnique

in 2013. Here, he is standing beside François Yvon, the present director of our laboratory,

during one of the famous celebrations that make life so enjoyable at LIMSI-CNRS.


Two more people deserve mention and special recognition here.










Philippe Tarroux has been a constant, generous supporter of psychology and

cognitive science throughout our years at LIMSI. He has been deputy director,

team leader, and — first and foremost — always a dedicated scientist.










For more than twenty years, Marie-Paule Daniel has been a great companion

in our joint investigation of spatial cognition and spatial discourse.










Another important activity at LIMSI every year by mid-December…

This seems to be missing from my CV!


If you click here, you will see a fine collection of logos. These reflect the contributions of sponsors of the work I have done at LIMSI.


While enjoying all the modern facilities provided by LIMSI, I sometimes remember the venue of my very first CNRS affiliation, when I was a member of the Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Culture. The laboratory was in a nice Romantic style XIXth century building, which was at that time the property of the University of Paris. The building now accommodates the Musée de la Vie Romantique. You really must visit this exquisite, charming museum! The address is: 16, rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris.


















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