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Michel Denis

Space and Spatial Cognition:

A Multidisciplinary Perspective

New York/Abingdon, UK: Routledge (2018)

This is a deeply revised and updated version of my 2016 book. Which mental capacities do people mobilize when confronted with space? Which brain functions do they implement? How do digital technologies extend these capacities? The book provides a unique insight into all facets of spatial cognition, including spatial behavior, language, and the use of navigational aids.

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Michel Denis

Petit Traité de l’Espace:

Un Parcours Pluridisciplinaire

Bruxelles: Mardaga (2016)

Using a multidisciplinary approach which draws on psychology, neuroscience, geography, architecture, and the visual arts, I examine the issue of the mental representation of space. By presenting space at the crossroads of a number of disciplines, this volume reveals how each of them enhances our understanding of human behavior in space. In 2017, the book was awarded the Prix Dagnan-Bouveret by the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques (Institut de France).

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Michel Denis (Ed.)

La Psychologie Cognitive

Paris: Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (2012)

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Valérie Gyselinck & Francesca Pazzaglia (Eds.)

From Mental Imagery to Spatial Cognition and Language:

Essays in Honour of Michel Denis

Hove, UK: Psychology Press (2012)

Although I did not write or edit this book, it is close to my heart for many reasons. Chapter 9 is my review of « decades of images » full of rewarding scientific and friendly experiences.

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Kathleen Stewart Hornsby, Christophe Claramunt, Michel Denis, & Gérard Ligozat (Eds.)

Spatial Information Theory

Berlin: Springer (2009)

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Michel Denis & Jack M. Loomis (Eds.)

Human Spatial Cognition: Memory, Navigation, and Environmental Learning

A Special Issue of Psychological Research

Berlin/Heidelberg/New York: Springer (2007)

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Michel Denis, Emmanuel Mellet, & Stephen M. Kosslyn (Eds.)

Neuroimaging of Mental Imagery

Hove, UK: Psychology Press (2004)

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Michel Denis, Robert H. Logie, Cesare Cornoldi, Manuel de Vega, & Johannes Engelkamp (Eds.)

Imagery, Language, and Visuo-spatial Thinking

Hove, UK: Psychology Press (2001)

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Michel Denis (Ed.)

Langage et Cognition Spatiale

Paris: Masson (1997)

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Manuel de Vega, Margaret Jean Intons-Peterson, Philip N. Johnson-Laird,

Michel Denis, & Marc Marschark

Models of Visuospatial Cognition

New York: Oxford University Press (1996)

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Michel Denis & Gérard Sabah (Eds.)

Modèles et Concepts pour la Science Cognitive:

Hommage à Jean-François Le Ny

Grenoble, France: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble (1993)

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Robert H. Logie & Michel Denis (Eds.)

Mental Images in Human Cognition

Amsterdam: North-Holland (1991)

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Michel Denis

Image et Cognition

Paris: Presses Universitaires de France (1989)

It was a rewarding experience for me as a French psychologist to have a book published in the Series « Psychologie d’Aujourd’hui » of the Presses Universitaires de France. Translating it into English was made much easier by my collaboration with Connie Greenbaum, a dedicated « polisher » of my English for many years.

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English edition (translated by Michel Denis and Constance Greenbaum) (1991)













Second French edition (revised) (1994)













Michel Denis, Johannes Engelkamp, & John T. E. Richardson (Eds.)

Cognitive and Neuropsychological Approaches to Mental Imagery

Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff (1988)

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Michel Denis

Les Images Mentales

Paris: Presses Universitaires de France (1979)

I am grateful to Paul Fraisse for encouraging me to write this book for the Series « Le Psychologue » of which he was director at that time. A few years later, when the seminal book by Jean-Pierre Changeux, L’Homme Neuronal, was published, I was both surprised and proud to discover that Les Images Mentales was the only book by a French psychologist to be cited (in Chapter 5, « Les Objets Mentaux »).

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Spanish translation by Inés Marichalar (1984)













Japanese translation (1989)













Robert Francès, Pierre Roubertoux, & Michel Denis

Culture Artistique et Enseignement Supérieur:

La Structure des Intérêts Artistiques de Loisir chez les Etudiants

Paris/The Hague: Mouton (1976)

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Michel Denis

Représentation Imagée et Activité de Mémorisation

Paris: Editions du CNRS (1975)

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